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ISSUES 102 onwards    (2007-present)

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ISSUE  102 2007 (1)

Goldcroft Common and the May Fair (Part One)                                              Bob Trett

Dynion Dod -The Strangers Who Came                                                          John Hilling

(Migration into the Sirhowy Valley)

Henry Thomas Payne and the Roman Road Between                                    Peter Morgan Jones

Caerphilly and Brecon

Sergeant J H Spencer of Cwmgelli, Blackwood                                              Ray Westlake

(World War One)

Notes on the place name Risca                                                                      Graham O Osborne

ISSUE 103 2007 (2)

Notes on the farm ‘Bovil’ (Machen) and the place name ‘Bovil’                    Graham O Osborne

The Theatre Royal, Newport 1854-1857                                                       Wendy Taylor

Barnard Town, Newport: Some Recollections                                              David Perry

School Records as a Source for Community                                               Robert Gant

Studies: Sudbrook 1881-1895

A Day to Remember: Crumlin Viaduct and the Making of Arabesque          Howard Robinson

Feedback on Issue 102  (re: Henry Thomas Payne and the Roman

Road Between Caerphilly and Brecon)                                                       John Owen

ISSUE 104 2008 (1)

Obituary: Andrew Geoffrey Mein                                                                   Bob Trett

Obituary: Minnie Louisa Gibbins                                                                    Frances Griffiths

Trostrey Excavations: A Picture Essay in Memory of Geoff Mein                 Ron Takel

A Navigation of the River Wye to Chepstow in 1807                                     Peter Morgan Jones

Friendly Societies in Ebbw Vale                                                                      Keith Thomas

Opening Night at the Theatre Royal, Newport                                              Wendy Taylor

Heroes of the Great War at St Michael and All Angels Church,

Llantarnam                                                                                         Ray Westlake

Letter: Monmouthshire and the 1972 Local   Government Act                      W Elwyn Jones

Letter: Further Notes on the Place Name Risca                                             Graham O Osborne

Book Review: V Hoselitz, Imagining Roman Britain                                       Ray Howell

ISSUE 105 2008 (2)

Obituary: Kenneth A. Bendle                                                                          Hazel Jenkins

Two Granges of Llantarnam Abbey Mentioned in the Taxatio

of 1291: Kynemot and Crip                                                                 Graham O Osborne

Putting Sir William on the Map: Lanpill and john Speed’s Map of

Monmouthshire                                                                                  John Andrews

Charles Vaughan of Pontypool: An Assessment of the Man and

his Clocks                                                                                            Bill Linnard

The Western Valley Railway and Ebbw Vale Parkway, Victoria                  Keith Thomas

Fie Little Lambs of Holcombe                                                                      Malcolm Johnson

ISSUE  106 2009 (1)

Wonastow and the Uncia Mystery                                                                 Peter Morgan Jones

The History of Llantilio Mill                                                                            Judith M Clement

The Two Murenger Houses of Newport                                                        Bob Trett

Panteg Parish and the Eighteenth Century Welsh Circulating Schools     Harry Lewis

The Last Time ‘Justice’ Was Seen to Be Done:

The Fate of Matthew Francis of Newport                                          Idris Davies

A Street of Distinction: Badminton Grove, Ebbw Vale                                   Keith Thomas

Men At Arms: Musters in Monmouthshire 1539`and 1601-2                        M A Faraday

The Abergavenny Story                                                                                Kai Michael

Every Picture Tells a Story:  a Brief Pictorial History of Abersychan           Tony Hopkins

ISSUE 107 2010 (1)

Obituary: Gwenllian Jones                                                                              Jeremy Knight

A History of Ebbw Vale Works and Collieries                                                 Mel Warrender

The Colliers’ Struggle for Naked Lights and the

Cwmtillery Eisteddfod of 1884                                                                   John Evans

The Story of Iron in Abertillery                                                                        Gordon Rowlands

The Last Clubrun of the Abertillery Road Cycling

Club, 3 September 1939

The Jubilee of the Workingmen’s Club and Institute

At Cwm, Ebbw vale, 1960                                                                   Howard Robinson

Remembering the Six Bells Mining Disaster, 1960                                      Gordon Rowlands

A Note on the Life and Career of William Davies (Tredegar)                       Tony  Hopkins

ISSUE 108 2010 (2)

The View Across the Valley: 17th Century Relict ‘Infield’ Enclosures at

Hafod Owen and Craig Pant-Glas, Mynydd Maen                            Robert Weeks

Crumlin and its Early Development                                                               David Hale

St Bartholomew’s Llanover: Mice with a ‘Taste’ for Music, Harpists

Everywhere and Someone to  Set your Clocks By                               Ray Westlake

Charles Stewart Rolls 1877-1910                                                               John Evans

Early 20th Century Amateur Dramatics and music in a Gwent Village:

The Huxley Orchestra and the Pantegean Players at New Inn                  Harry Lewis

Bombs Over Risca                                                                                     Graham O Osborne

Monmouthshire Political Archives at the National Library of Wales           J Graham Jones

Review: Newport Medieval Ship: A Guide                                                  TH

ISSUE 109 2011 (1)

Monmouthshire Electoral Registers at the National Library of Wales         J Graham Jones

Grosmont: A Question of Patronage                                                            Roger L Brown

Victoria, Ebbw Vale: Transformation From a Rural and

Industrial Past to a 21st Century Hospital Site                                    Mel Warrender

Glimpses of the past: A Cwm Schoolboy’s Diary 1958                               Howard Robinson

The Place-Name Risca                                                                               Graham O Osborne

St Illtyd, Mamhilad-A Bus, Canal, An Open Church: the Perfect Day         Ray Westlake

Review: D Kennedy, Magor: Fragments of History                                    Tony Hopkins

Review: The Henry Hughes Story                                                             Jeff Darkins

Byr Hanes Henry Hughes                                                                          Meryl Darkins

Powell’s History of Tredegar                                                                     Jeff Darkins

ISSUE  110 2011(2)

Notes on the Identification of three Places Mentioned in the Llandaf

Charters: Ecclesia Castell Conscuit, Llanfihangel Llechryd and

Yscuit Cyst                                                                                           Graham O Osborne

Tredegar Ironworks: Rhys Davies and the American  Connection              Peter Morgan Jones

The Shadow of the Valley: Widowhood in a South Wales

Industrial Community 1841-91                                                           Colin Thomas

The Construction of Wentwood reservoir: A Profile of

the ‘Navvy Gang’ 1901                                                                        Robert Gant

Review: Gwent County History Vol 4                                                           J Graham Jones

Reginal McKenna: Financiers among Statesmen                                       J Graham Jones

ISSUE 111 2012(1)

Obituary: Ron Jenkins                                                                                   Pat Davies

Portskewett: A Manorial History                                                                    B Coppleston-Crowe

Some Interesting Places on the Western Slopes of Mynydd Medart          Graham O Osborne

‘Mary the Cripple’: The Yarwood Family’s Life of Crime

And Vice in Victorian South Wales                                                     Tony Jukes

The ‘Ranks’, Abercarn: An Example of Early Industrial Housing                Malcolm Johnson
Remembering in Gwent (First World War Memorials)                               Ray Westlake

The Iron Tsar: the Life and Times of John Hughes                                     Susan Edwards

ISSUE 112 2012(2)

The Eliza Stewart of Brockweir: The Story of a Victorian Sailing Barque      Naylor Firth

Domestic Service in the Market Town : A Census Perspective on

Abergavenny                                                                                       Robert Gant

Landscape and Society: Sixteenth and early Seventeenth

Century Maps of North-East Monmouthshire                                    Ann Dunton

A Short History of Effluent Control at Ebbw Vale Works                               Mel Warrender

The Lonely Memorial on Machen Mountain                                                 Graham O Osborne

A Newport Anecdote   (A drunken father brings home a snake!)                  Ruth Sear

Review: Discovering Abergavenny                                                               Tony Hopkins

Review: Abergavenny –Historic Market Town                                               Tony Hopkins

Guidebook to Arthurian Legend                                                                     Tony Hopkins

Clydach Gorge Industrial Archaeological Trails                                             Tony Hopkins

William Downing Evans: Poetry and Poverty in Nineteenth Century

Newport                                                                                                         Ray Stroud

ISSUE 113 2013(1)

The History of Llantilio Mill Continued                                                          Judith M Clement

St David’s Diocese Papists Return of 1706 With Particular Reference

to Cwmyoy                                                                                          John L Evans

Who Was ‘Iron-Bottom’ Rogers? Samuel Baldwyn Rogers (1778-1863) Malcolm Johnson

Market Town and Railway Centre: Abergavenny in 1901                             Robert Gant

The Place Where the Devil Broke His Apronstrings                                  Graham O Osborne

A Glimpse of the Valleys Past: Festival Shopping, Slag Tips and

Cooling Beds                                                                                       Howard Robinson

Bryan Woodfield: A Chepstow Cartographer of the Late Twentieth

Century                                                                                               John Andrews

ISSUE  114 2013(2)

St Woolos Cathedral, Newport –The Tudor Connection                                Tony Corten

A Child Comments on the Newport Rising of 1839                                        Christabel Hutchings

The Construction of Chepstow Railway Bridge: A Profile of the

Workforce in 1851                                                                              Robert Gant

Risca, Rhisca: A Note                                                                                     Hywel Wyn Owen

The Place Name Risca:                                                                                 Graham O Osborne

1940: Letters to a Soldier from Ebbw Vale                                                    Howard Robinson

Review Article: Gwent County History Vol 5                                                  David Rimmer

ISSUE 115 2014(1)

‘Oh, My dear Child They Have Killed Me’: Hunting  a Witch

in the   Parish of Llanfoist in 1827                                                      John Evans

The Britannia Foundry, Pontymister and its Iron Founders                            Tony Jukes

Edward Jon Lowe –the Gentleman Scientist of Shirenewton

Hall                                                                                                      David P Thomas

Newbridge and District Jewish Community                                                   Harold Pollins

Glimpses of Valleys Past: The Old Inn (The Victoria Inn, Beaufort)               Howard Robinson

The Skenfrith War Memorial                                                                           Diana Stainforth

ISSUE 116 2014(2) (Chartist Special)

The Confessions of Zephaniah Williams and the 1839 Rising                        Les James

George Shell’s Letter Revisited: Some reflections on its

Use at the Monmouthshire Chartist Trials                                         Colin Gibson

A Juror’s Tale: The Travails of Edmund Jones at the

Monmouth Chartist Trials                                                                  Christabel Hutchings

Policing the Rising: The Career of John Roberts, Police

Superintendent of Pontypool, 1830-1860                                           Tony Hopkins

Finding Chartism in the Family: William Davies of Blackwood                     Sarah Richards

Newport and the Chartist Land Plan                                                              David Osmond

William Shellard c.1797-1874: An Old Chartist Fades Away                       John Evans

ISSUE 117 2015(1)

‘I Leave the Poor of the Parish…’:  Poverty in Monmouthshire 1580-1615   Anne Dunton

Monmouthshire Recusants in 1719  With Particular Reference to

Cwmyoy                                                                                           John L Evans

The Workhouses of Rural Monmouthshire: Census Profiles

of Inmates in 1851 and 1901                                                              Robert Gant

Entertainments at Abergavenny Castle 1880 to 1914                                   Gill Wakley

Glimpses of the Past: ‘Black Pats’ (Cockroaches), the Chimney Sweep

and the Domestic Fire of My  Childhood                                            Howard Robinson

ISSUE  118 2015(2)

An Irish View of Georgian Monmouthshire                                                    John Andrews

French Prisoners of War in Abergavenny 1812-1814                                  John Evans

Programme of Main and Afterpiece Entertainments at

the Theatre Royal, Newport 1854-1857                                             Wendy Taylor

People and Place: Portskewett in 1911                                                      Robert Gant

Taking the Archives to the People: Gwent Archives and a

Strategy for Local Heritage Outreach                                                         Victoria Jackson

ISSUE 119 2016(1)

Richard Croft of Llanthony                                                                             John L Evans

Civic Activities in the Abergavenny Vestry Book in the                                  Gill Wakley/

Eighteenth Century                                                                                         Sue Smith

A New Account of George Shell and the Newport Rising                               Malcolm Chase

‘I Don’t Get a Dog’s Chance’: The Life of Tonypandy Annie:

Drunkenness and Disorder on the Streets of Newport                                 Victoria Jackson

Eisteddfod News from the Abergavenny Chronicle                                    Gill Wakley

Heritage Redressed: Ebeneezer Primitive Methodist Church,

Beaufort, in the Early Twentieth Century                                          Howard Robinson

ISSUE 120 2016(2)

Nicholas II Arnold’s 1633 Marriage Settlement and Richard Crofts’s

Appointment as Steward of the Manor of Cwmyoy                                   John L Evans

Churchwardens and Church Affairs in the Abergavenny                               Gill Wakley/

Vestry Minutes 1702 t0 1804                                                                         Sue Smith

West Country Migrants to the Ebbw, Sirhowy and Rhymney Valleys

1841-91                                                                                               Colin Thomas

Interval Entertainment at the Theatre Royal Newport                                     Wendy Taylor

‘Music Hath Charms’: A Letter to the Editor of the Pontypool

Free Press 21 August 1891                                                                 Howard Humphries

Mountain Gambling                                                                                        Howard Robinson

ISSUE 121 2017(1)

Poor Relief in the Abergavenny Vestry Book 1702 to 1804                           Gill Wakley/Sue Smith

Abertysswg: A Planned Industrial Community in the Valleys                         John B Hilling

Farming Families on the Monmouthshire Coalfield 1841-91                         Colin Thomas

Domestheus Returns: Henry Vincent in Monmouthshire in

1849                                                                                                    Peter Strong

From Cwm to Costa Dorada: Honeymooning in 1966                                  Howard Robinson

Book Review: Young Man to Arms! The First World War in the

Crickhowell District                                                                            Peter Strong

Pwy oedd Arglwydes Llanofer, ‘Gwenynen Gwent’? Who

Was Lady Llanover, the ‘Bee of Gwent’.                                            Ray Howell

ISSUE  122 2017(2)

Obituary: Sir Richard Hanbury-Tenison                                                          Tony Hopkins

Obituary: Tony Jukes                                                                                       John Evans

A ‘Pope Burning’ Procession at Abergavenny in 1679                                   Tony Corten

Charles Dickens: His ‘Farewell Tour’ Engagement in Newport                     Wendy Taylor

Abergavenny Asylum 1901: An Insight from the Census                                Robert Gant

Cwm Govilon and its Surrounds                                                                      Howard Robinson


The Great War: What Was it like in   Abergavenny.     Gill Wakley  and the     Abergavenny Research Group

Sources for World War One at Gwent Archives and how to Find Them.     Kai Michael

Belgian Refugees in Monmouthshire During the Great War: Sources at Gwent Archives.             Frances Younson

Not just a Name: Daughters of Newport in the Great War.         Sylvia Mason

Military Tribunals in Monmouthshire.     Kerry Evans

Message in a Bottle: The Penallt Roll of Honour                                      Rhiannon Griffiths

From Battlefield to Bedside: The Care of Wounded World War One Soldiers in Monmouthshire.        Clare Jeremy

The Newport Athletic Club Pals in Salonika.        Victoria Jackson

A Letter from the front in the Primrose Hockey Collection at Gwent Archives.          Gareth Thomas

The Abertillery War Memorial: A Symbol of Conflict.      Stuart Stanton

ISSUE 124 2018(2)

The Municipal Provision of Baths and Washhouses in Newport 1890-1918.             Ray Stroud

Eliza’s Escape.           Steve Nias

The Alexandra Theatre Royal: Newport 1865.    Wendy Taylor

The Wartime Letters of Private William O’Brien 1915-1917.       Tony Hopkins

How Peace Came to Gwent.         Peter Strong

ISSUE 125 (2019 1)

Obituary: Graham Osborne.    Teresa Fisher

The Strongest Man in Newport.    Peter Strong

Fields Park Estate Newport.    Vera Brown  

The Foster Family and Fosterville Abergavenny.    Margaret Giles

Te Buried Bible of Llanishen.    Stuart Stanton

The End of World War One as Seen by Wiliam Price of Usk.    Jeremy Price 

ISSUE 126 (2019 2)

Sixty Year of Rape of the Fair Country.    Peter Strong

Risca’s Coptic Church.    Tony Jukes

Poverty in West Monmouthshire in the Inter-war Years.    Siobhan Hayes

Lion Chapel Gilwern.    Gordon Maslen

Boxing Day at the Bailey’s Arms 1962; Pubs and Clubs at Cwm, Ebbw Vale, Remembered.     Howard Robinson

ISSUE 127 (2020 1)

A Tribute to Fred Hando.    Chris Barber

Crime and Social Disorder in Victorian Newport.    Chris Williams

Who Were the Miners in Nineteenth-Century Monmouthshire?    Colin Thomas

Visit Abergavenny, Gateway to Wales: Researches into Tourism to Abergavenny and District -The Early Years.    Gill Wakley and the Abergavenny LHS Research Group

The Layman’s Great Drought of 1976 (with special reference to British Steel, Ebbw Vale).     Howard Robinson

Book Review: Memoirs of an Ironmaster: Sir Frederick Mills Bt, D.L, J.P.   ed. Mel Warrender.

ISSUE 128 (2020 2)

Two Reverend Gentlemen from Bedwellty: Lewis James and Charles Winter.    David Mills

The Great Storm of 1703: Its Effects on the Gwent Levels.    Sian King

The Wonderful Wyndcliffe    Chris Barber

Rachel Herbert: The Extraordinary Story of a Benefactor, Deceitful Solicitor and the Chartists.    George Bale

‘Worthy of More Attention than is Generally Paid’: Two Extraordinary Monmouth Women    Peter Strong

Chepstow in 1901: People, Place and Environment.   Robert Gant 

Book Review:  Steam on the Sirhowy Tramroad and its Neighbours by Michael Lewis.    David Hale

Book Review: The Fauir Hollw: St Mary’s Panteg.    Tony Hopkins.

Gwent Local History Journal contents 129 (2021) onwards

Issue 129  2021 (1)

Having and Holding: Some lengthy Incumbencies in the

Diocese of Monmouthshire                                                                               J. Daryll Evans

The Blaenau before Iron: A ‘Black Hole’ in Welsh History                                 Colin Morgan

The Parrott Inn Theatre, Newport: 1838 Season                                                Wendy Taylor

Alfred Swash (1860 – 1939)                                                                                Vera Brown

People and Place: Monmouth in 1901                                                                Robert Gant

Visit Abergavenny: The History of Tourism To Abergavenny:

The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries                                                            Gill Wakley

From Cwm to Broak Oak, Herefordshire                                                              Howard Robinson



Issue 130    2021 (2)

Obituary: David Joseph Rimmer (1946-2021)

Musket Balls, Misconceptions and Myth: The Westgate Inn, Newport

And its Connections With Chartism                                                                    Raymond J. Stroud

The Importance of Oral Research                                                                       Chris Barber

Speed the Plough? Agriculture on the Gwent Levels in Two World Wars          Peter Strong

The Land That Fred Forgot: In Praise of Fred Hando – A Trip To Trefil               Stuart Stanton

A Monument on the River Usk at Abergavenny                                                 George Beale


Issue 131 2022 (1)

What’s A Corvisor? Seventeenth Century Occupations In The

Records of St Mary’s Priory, Abergavenny                                                            Gill Wakley

A History of Cleddon Using Map Regression Analysis                                         Chris Hodges

Henry Hunt Frost                                                                                                  Sylvia Mason

Charles Kemble Reads In Newport 1846                                                              Wendy Taylor

What the Demography of the Parish of Llanarth and Clytha, Between       

1841 and 1911 Can Tell Us About People’s Lives                                                 Peter Nash

May Prosser, ‘Munitionette’                                                                                  Ryland Wallace

How Abergavenny Was Hoaxed: April 1916                                                          George Beale

Issue 132 2022 (2)

Gwent Follies                                                                                                          Chris Barber

Did Where You Lived in Abergavenny In the Mid-Nineteenth Century

Affect Whether You Lived or Died From Infectious Diseases?                               Marilyn Diosi

Chepstow in 1881                                                                                                   Martyn Swain

The Discovery of the Skeletons in Abergavenny                                                   George Beale

Cotswolds Interlude                                                                                                Howard Robinson

Magor-Undy in 1979: A Stage in Growth of the Commuter Village                       Robert Gant

Issue 133  2023 (1)

St Mary Dedications in Gwent and Monumental Inscriptions at                   

St Mary’s Church, Panteg                                                                                        Christina Evans

James Stephens of Chepstow and the Eight Hour Day                                           James Stephens

The 1846 Mail Coach Accident At Pengam                                                              Chaterine Davis

The Youngest Sergeant in the British Army:

John Beet of Abergavenny (1850- 1934)                                                                 George Beale

The Story Behind the Brewer-Williams Collection at Newport Museum

and Art Gallery                                                                                                         David Mills

An Overlooked Heritage: The Life and Work of

Abergavenny-born Writer Ethel Line White                                                            Alex Csurko

Issue 134 (2023 (2)

Remarkable Books in the Wye Valley                                                                  Chris Barber

Gwent Levels Landscapes Through Contemporary Eyes                                    Sian King

The Trial of John Frost                                                                                       Gavin Eynon

Self-Sufficient Beaufort: Evidence of Traders Bill-heads                                   Howard Robinson   

Rumney and the Welsh Sunday Closing Act 1881                                           Marjorie Neal

A Suffragette Window Smasher in Abergavenny                                             Ryland Wallace

Book Review: Gwent Indusitrial Heritage by C Barber                                     Tony Hopkins